Read Through: Boost Coupon, The First HPY Application Scenario
13 Jan 2020
Dear users,
HPY's first application scenario, Boost Coupon has been launched for some time. Users can use the Coupon to increase the interest rate after adding corresponding additional interest rate to the basic interest rate, so users can get higher incomes.
The HPY paid by users to purchase Boost Coupon enters the official HyperPay address. This part of HPY will be destroyed together with the HPY repurchased every quarter.
Details of HPY destruction can be found at the following address:
We are going to introduce the purchase and use of Coupon to help you know how to use the function:
[Purchase and Use]
1. Click Boost Coupon button on the homepage to get into the Coupon Store.
2. Select the coupon which you want to buy and pay it in HPY.
3. Select the investment products within the usage range of Boost Coupon, like fixed-term investment products or staking products, and pay it after check the Coupon. Then the interests begin to bear the same time.
[For example]
5000 USDT fixed-term investment of 30 days has the basic interest rate referring to 11%, and you use a +10% USDT Boost coupon, so the final annualized rate is 21%.
Basic interest is 5000*11%/360*30=45.83USDT.  
Additional interest will be 5000*10%/360*30=41.66USDT
Total interest is 45.83+41.66=87.49USDT.
[Use Rules]
1. Boost coupon can only be applied for the certain currency's investment product;
2. By using Boost Coupon, the interest rate increases after the basic interest rate adds the additional interest rate
3. Boost coupon can only be used once and cannot be used in conjunction with each other;
4. Boost coupon has valid period and can only be used within the period;
5. If the Boost period is longer than the product's investment period, the investment period prevails and the rest Boost period becomes invalid;
6. Once the Boost coupon is used, it will take effect immediately and cannot be revoked.
More Boost Coupon of other currencies will be launched soon. HPY’s first scenario is being perfected. HPY integrates transaction value and use value, and it has an immeasurably broad prospect.

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