HyperPay IPFS Cloud Mining Pre-mine & Permanent
10 Jul 2020
Dear users:
In order to meet market demands and activate the idle funds, HyperPay starts the IPFS cloud mining pre-mine to let you have FIL6 on July 13, 2020 (UTC+8) before the mainnet launch.
Users who purchase HyperPay IPFS cloud mining before the mainnet launch will receive extra FIL6 rewards, and will not affect the mining rewards after the mainnet launch. FIL6 pre-mine rewards can be checked on HyperPay wallet account balance, and all the FIL6 can be traded on CoinW after the mainnet launch, or be exchanged for FIL 1:1.

FIL6 mining rules
1. The amount for purchasing IPFS Cloud Mining is priced in USDT, and based on that, the reward is calculated at a fixed annualized rate of 50%, and distributed in FIL6. 
2. The FIL6 price is the average price of 6 selected prices on CoinW at different times. The interest bearing starts in T+1, and reward distribution in T+2 at 14:00 (UTC+8).
3. The 7-day and 21-day cloud mining distribute rewards for 7 and 21 days respectively, and the longest distribution period is to August 20, 2020, the day before the mainnet launch. 

FIL6 reward distribution
1. The reward of purchased IPFS cloud mining starts distribution on July 13, and the interest bearing for newly purchased IPFS cloud mining starts in T+1, reward distribution in T+2.
2. After the Filecoin mainnet launch, FIL6 will not be issued no more. According to the purchased valid mining power, the mainnet will start to generate FIL mining rewards.
FIL6 exchange rules
After Filecoin mainnet launch, FIL6 will be exchanged to FIL at 1:1, and the exchange period will be within 6 months after the launch.
Note: The previous FIL6 mining rewards of Filecoin cloud mining power will be distributed to the user's account balance daily.
HyperPay IPFS Permanent
HyperPay decides to launch IPFS Permanent mining power to repay the trust and support of  users that all users who purchase cloud mining power of more than 300 days before July 9, 2020 can upgrade their products to permanent mining power for free. With same price, you can get more rewards. Please log in to the HyperPay App to view specific benefits.
Product: Permanent mining
Reward time: when the mainnet is launched ~ 15 consecutive days, the net reward is 0
Product service period: permanent
Price: 298 USDT
Management fee: 18%
Electricity fee: 0
Minimum purchase: 0.1T
Custody fee: the fee for the second year is charged according to the actual situation
Welcome to add WeChat CS for details: HyperPay-2022
July 10, 2020  

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